Here Are 8 Secrets Of Akshaye Khanna You Never Knew

Who can forget the Sid of the iconic Y2K movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ and many other impressive roles that made the audience miss Akshaye Khanna when he was away from the silver screen.

Now that his second innings in the films is going well, we are discovering many things about him that are unheard of. Here are somethings you want to know about your talented, mysterious and reclusive actor in town-

  1. He is an introvert actor with very few friends in the film industry including Anil Kapoor and family despite being a star kid.
  2. He has been working since he was 19 and felt the dire need of a sabbatical to get some realizations in life.
  3. His fondness for Aishwarya Rai was never hidden. He has said that he just stares at her like a lunatic as he can’t take my eyes off her every time he meets her.
  4. Very little is known about his dating life since he is absolutely reclusive. He has been in on and off relationships with former actresses Tara Sharma, Riya Sen.
  5. He is a self-confessed commitment-phobic person. He has talked about being more wary of relationships over time. He believes his ‘alone time’ is sacrosanct.
  6. He has a soft corner for espionage thrillers. He loves James Bond, the Bourne series and television shows like ‘Homeland’. He has expressed the desire to play a spy.
  7. He loves a tough game of squash and a few extra weights at the gym make him happy as he has been a sportsman all his life.
  8. Malabar Hill- Gateway of India- Alibaug is his regular route as he owns a home in the Alibaug and spends his weekends on the white sand beach.

Even the Baadshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is his huge fan. Watch this viral video from Six Sigma Films