Here Are 10 Key Benefits Of Distributing Short Films Online

Short films and web series are ruling the growing space of new-age digital entertainment scene. Short film making is also considered a stepping stone for potential feature filmmakers. Currently, the world is discovering the emerging wave of new breed filmmakers crafting stories for audiences online. It is crucial to select the right company for distributing Short Films which has a network within the film industry and can get you noticed by the right people, get work/projects & also assist in getting funding & more.

Six Sigma Films is the largest producer & distributor of Short Films & known for creating path-breaking and diverse short films with independent filmmakers. Six Sigma Films have also launched India’s Biggest Film Funding Platform, Film Funding Network. Their YouTube channel is ranked 7th largest worldwide & have near 1000 short films, documentaries & videos. Six Sigma Films regularly receives mentions in leading publications for their work & films.

Here Are 10 Key Benefits Of Distributing Short Films through Six Sigma Films:

  1. Six Sigma Films is a production house that is filmmaker friendly and understands the business of films. They only take distribution rights. IPR & ownership of film continues with its filmmakers.

  2. Six Sigma Films is the most sought after channel for those who want to make it big in Bollywood & TV Industry.

  3. Talented filmmakers get an opportunity to work in the future projects of Six Sigma Films.

  4. Their Channel is ranked 7th largest short films YouTube channel worldwide.

  5. They promote short films to their large subscriber base that includes film industry professionals.

  6. Film is also promoted on its strong social media network & YouTube subscribers.

  7. Option of Online Premiere for feature films & celebrity short films.

  8. Upto 50% revenue share for Short films/ Web Series featuring known actors or director from YouTube & other platforms.

  9. Filmmakers who distribute their films through Six Sigma Films get special offers/support for funding next film through Film Funding Network.

  10. Filmmaker can continue to submit their film to film festivals.