Watch This New Video Of ‘BTS’ Boys Jin & Jungkook Playing Around

K pop group BTS recently announced a break until March next year and looks like it’s treating them well. We say that as Billboard came out with its list of most-talked-about tracks on Twitter and BTS member Jin’s standalone release ‘Super Tuna’ is already at number 12. ‘BTS’ crew gather attention with everything they do as they control a massive fan following across the world. Their fans eagerly wait for them to post videos and photos on social media. Meanwhile, a unique video of Jin & Jungkook is going viral on social media.

In the video, ‘BTS’ boys Jungkook and Jin can be seen holding the cameras, clicking the pictures of each other. Jin can be heard saying, “The camera must not recognize me. Why isn’t it taking anything?” However, he gets sore as he failed to take the pictures. He questioned, “Why is it discriminating against me?”

When Jungkook takes the camera, Jin says, “I’m telling you, it doesn’t work.” Jin then poses for the camera, meanwhile, Jungkook turns shutterbug. The video is being treasured by ‘BTS’ fans, who call themselves ARMY.

Billboard recently labelled BTS member Jin as the most successful musician of all time after his standalone track ‘Super Tuna’ made quite a splash in worldwide lists. Now, he’s added another feather to his cap and become ‘Worldwide Record Maker’ as his track is trending at number 1 on YouTube under the Music category for 16 days straights. With this, he has become the first K pop solo artist to achieve this record.