Here Is A List Of The Cleanest Railway Stations Of India

Piyush Goyal-led Railway Ministry has released the latest 2019 survey that ranks the cleanest railway stations in India. Rajasthan’s Jaipur station of Indian Railways has topped the list of cleanest railway stations in India, in the non-suburban group of stations. The survey states that Jaipur has been ranked first in the Station Cleanliness Survey 2019 with an overall cleanliness score of 931.75. Jodhpur has been ranked second with a score of 927.19 and Durgapura is third with a score of 922.50. In the suburban group of stations, Maharashtra’s Andheri station has topped the list. The cleanest railway zone 2019 award has been given to the North Western Railway Zone, under which the Jaipur railway station falls. The North-Western railway zone has maintained its rank of the cleanest railway zone in India from 2018. The survey has been carried out by the Quality Council of India.

Top 10 cleanest railway stations in India 2019-

Jammu Tawi
Gandhinagar Jaipur
Udaipur City

Top 10 stations that have shown improvement in cleanliness 2019-

New Farakka
Sasaram Jn.
Bapudham Motihari
Anugraha Narayan Road

According to the “Swachh Rail, Swachh Bharat” 2019 survey evaluation, Indian Railways stations have seen tangible progress in terms of cleanliness over the last year. This is due to the work put in by the station officials and Indian Railways travelers, the survey states. The survey also notes a behavioral transformation amongst travelers, who are now making a deliberate endeavor to keep the railway stations clean.

Top 10 cleanest railway zones in India 2019-

North Western Railway
South East Central Railway
East Central Railway
South Central Railway
South Western Railway
Northern Railway
Northeast Frontier Railway
West Central Railway
East Coast Railway
Western Railway