‘This Is The Lowest Form Of Journalism,’ Ben Stokes Blasts English Daily

England all-rounder Ben Stokes on Tuesday issued a statement against an English daily after they published a report about the cricketer’s alleged family tragedy. The daily’s report claims that his mother’s two children were killed by her ex in 1988 before the cricketer’s birth and it is poor journalism, to say the least. It has left Ben Stokes & his family shattered.

Real journalism is different from the gossip, punditry, and clickbait that dominates today’s news worldwide. The Case of Ben Stokes and Sun is not the first and will not be the last. Instead of gossiping about the privileged classes and telling their secret tales immorally, the media can have a heart and show some sympathy with the poor, remain devoted to the public welfare. Why is the media chasing readership through fake news? Should you choose to encourage it? Absolutely not!