Game of Thrones To Get A Fire and Blood Prequel At HBO

George R.R. Martin and Ryan J. Condal’s potential series could provide Game Of Thrones fans immense joy along with fire and blood.

Targaryen Clan. Aegon’s Conquest. The Dance of the Dragons. The reign of Maegor the Cruel. The rise of Jaehaerys the Wise. All of these are critical events that helped shape the world of Westeros as Game of Thrones fans know it.

Goldman’s series remains untitled but will tell a story about the Seven Kingdoms long before they were ever known as the Seven Kingdoms, chronicling the Age of Heroes and very likely the first-ever battle against the White Walkers. Fire and Blood, meanwhile, was a fictional history book about the kings of House Targaryen who reigned for nearly three centuries.

Game Of Thrones prequel provides a massive canvas for HBO. According to Entertainment Weekly, shooting for the pilot only recently ended, and HBO has not announced whether it will give the project a series run.

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