‘Friends’ Are Coming Back & Here Is All You Need To Know About It

Could you BE any more excited?! It’s the one where the gang gets back together. Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry will all return for a one-off special that’s set to debut along with HBO Max in May. The cast “will earn more than double their former per-episode fee for the reunion and be paid between $2.5 million and $3 million for the special,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, which was reporting based on anonymous sources. That’s more than double what the actors were paid per episode in the 10th and last season in 2004.

WarnerMedia’s TV studio owns the rights to “Friends” and had licensed the show to the streaming service for years. But WarnerMedia pulled the show from the service to make it exclusive to HBO Max. Friends is a big deal to HBO Max and WarnerMedia as a whole. The company paid more than $425 million in 2019 to secure the exclusive rights to the series. Friends was previously on Netflix but left the streaming service on January 1st. The entire collection of Friends and the special will be available when Max launches, although there’s no specific date yet.

The stars of the hit NBC sitcom, which ran for 10 seasons, will return for the special to celebrate the show from the series’ original sound stage on the Warner Bros. lot. The special, which had been long-rumored and anticipated by fans, will be available at launch. (WarnerMedia is also the parent company of CNN.) The Wall Street Journal reported in July that HBO Max is paying $425 million to carry the series for five years.

“Guess you could call this the one where they all got back together,” Kevin Reilly, Chief Content Officer for HBO Max, said in a statement.

Pic: Cast of ‘Friends’ on the Rolling Stones Cover