‘Bad Boy Billionaires’ Review: This Netflix Series Showcases The Audacity Of The White Collar Criminals In India

The Bad Boy Billionaires: India documentary series about liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya, Subrata Roy of the Sahara group, and jeweler Nirav Modi expose financial malpractice by once-upon-a-time larger than life personalities in India. The show failed to show why law enforcement & financial institutions could not spot their financial manipulations & scams? Though the series shows off the narcissistic sides of these white-collar criminals, sadly, they are exhibited as visionaries & entrepreneurs.

Still the major takeaway for viewers would be that the financial world offers easy access to cheaters and swindlers, perfectly presented in the Nirav Modi episode. Although ‘Bad Boy Billionaires’ doesn’t take the lens to expose the larger system and how corruption really works for the big wigs in India, especially in the Vijay Mallya episode. The portraits of people and companies whose greed was so extreme and so untroubled by ethical boundaries that they engaged in even cheating the poor is visible enough in the Subrata Roy episode..

It is hard- hitting enough for people in India who do not really consider someone who commits a financial “fraud”- a criminal.

Food for thought- Have you ever wondered why there are not more biographies about the “bad” people in India?!